Historic mission paves way for Americans to go back to space

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A new SpaceX capsule is on it’s historic test flight to the International Space Station.

The Crew Dragon mission launched this morning at 2:49 Eastern time.

The unmanned mission will test the new capsule’s safety and ability to self-dock at the space station. Crew dragon is carrying, “Ripley,” a sensor-laden mannequin, outfitted in a SpaceX spacesuit. About 400 pounds of supplies and a decidedly low-tech ‘zero-gravity indicating’ plush globe. 

The ship will dock with the ISS early tomorrow morning at six o’clock Eastern time. The ship will remain docked at the station until early Friday morning when it begins its journey back to earth, eventually splashing down in the Atlantic ocean.

Assuming rest of the test flight goes well, SpaceX is scheduled to actually launch astronauts into space for a short demonstration flight this summer, possibly in July.

That launch will be the first time Americans are launched into space from the United States on an American rocket since the last space shuttle launch in 2011.

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