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Downtown Texarkana will soon have another addition – a 1930’s-era train car!

There are plans to move the train car, built in 1939, in about a week.  “We have a stainless steel outside, it’s a little dingy, but we’re gonna power wash it and really shine it up,” said owner David Peavy.  He is also renovating the former Ritchie Grocery building, which is now known as 1894 City Market.  This train car will be placed nearby on Front Street.  “We’ve gotta build, like, in our minds, a raised flower bed on top of the road with the railroad tracks, so we have something to sit it on once we get down there.”

Once known as the ‘train of the stars,’ the car used to travel from Los Angeles to Chicago.  “They claim that Frank Sinatra and those types of people would travel,” Peavy said.  The train car will be renamed ‘The Flying Crow’ after another train line that used to run through Texarkana.  “It actually traveled from Kansas City down through Fort Smith, Texarkana, Shreveport, and straight on down to Port Arthur, Texas.  And, it travels as the crow flies, in a straight line,” Peavy said.
By creating attractions downtown, Peavy hopes to create a domino effect and inspire others to invest in the city’s history.  “Maybe we get to push that first domino over to where they all start falling,” he said.

The new dining destination downtown may be open for business as early as December, 2018.

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