Homer hospital honors life-saving heroes


HOMER, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A local hospital is recognizing the people who save lives for a living. 

Officials with Claiborne Memorial Medical Center said they treat about 30 patients daily in their emergency department where first responders deliver patients for treatment. 

“By land, sea and air, we get ‘em any way they can get here,” said Dr. Mark Haynes.

The facility is the only hospital in the parish. In times of emergency, seconds are critical when it comes to receiving care.

“We have the staff and expertise to handle medical emergencies here,” said Dr. Haynes. “So, don’t think that you need to go to a large city hospital to get expert emergency care, it can happen right here in our community.”

The community is now showing these hometown heroes how much they care. Emergency medical services crews, fire fighters and law enforcement officials were all recognized Tuesday alongside doctors and nurses for their life-saving efforts in times of emergency.

“We don’t often get to show appreciation to those who do go to the lengths what they do to save lives,” said Amanda Lord, director of business development for the medical center. 

“Bring public awareness to the people that run toward danger instead of away from danger,” said Dr. Haynes. 

At this facility, doctors said caring is a community effort. 

“We have critical care patients where sometimes there may not be just one doctor, but three or four of us working on a patient,” said Dr. David Tyler. “It’s just whoever’s sick, they don’t question it, if it’s their patient or not.”

These medical professionals see the impact they have on their neighbors, knowing they’re making a difference for the more than 16,000 people in the parish.

“You can’t walk through this town without seeing somebody that you know would not be here if it weren’t for our first responders or law enforcement officials,” said Dr. Haynes. “Or nurses or doctors that work for our emergency services.”

“At the end of the shift, when you go home, you feel really good most of the times that you’ve helped somebody,” said Jeff Atkins, a flight nurse. “You’ve made a difference in somebody’s life. You’re the best thing that happened on the worst day of their life, possibly.”

All the life-saving heroes were honored as a part of Hospital Week. 

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