How to beat the heat this summer


As temperatures continue to rise, it’s important to avoid staying out too long in the scorching heat. Here we conduct a yummy experiment to see how hot it actually is.

Forecasters say the high today is 92 degrees,so is that hot enough to bake cookies in your car?We’re going to find out.

If it’s as hot as an oven in your vehicle. Imagine how it is for street repairmen.”There’s no staying cool really,” Dale Post, Gibson Asphalt.Post has paved roads for over 40- years and says working outside never gets easy.”We stay hydrated,we take breaks, wear light colored clothing,” said Post.

Experts say prevention is the cure to avoiding heat exhaustion and heat strokes”We want to make sure we drink plenty of water before we do our activities. We recommend about eight glasses of water a day, but when you’re actively doing something it may be twice, maybe three times more than that.

Dr. Matt Young tells patients to watch for signs of heat exhaustion. Such as dizziness, fatigue and nausea. “At that time it’s time to take a break, get into a cool area and drink fluids,” said Young. “Don’t over do it. You’re going to have to work into this. If you get too hot cool off,” said Post.

If you are spending some time in the sun this summer, maybe add baking cookies on your dashboard to your list of activities.This thermometer tops out at 160 degrees. Even after afternoon showers these cookies are pretty good.

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