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Inmate Michael Sabbie's family considers lawsuit

Michael Sabbie cries "I can't breathe" in released video

Texarkana, USA - 35-year-old Michael Sabbie was found dead in the Bi-State jail a little over a year ago.

The father of 4 was in custody for a domestic assault arrest at the time of his death.

"When Michael first went into the jail there was an intake screening and he told the jail personnel that he had diabetes asthma and hypertension" says Edwin Budge the family's attorney.

A video has been released from last July where you hear Sabbie saying, "I can't breathe" and "I have pneumonia" multiple times as several correction officers sit on top of him.

Now Sabbie's friends are reacting to the video. "My initial thought's was no this can't be real. The internet likes to put fake things on, I didnt think it was true but when it was, I was saddened" says Clarence Guy who went to high school with Sabbie.

"It looks as if Michael is trying to explain something to him and after the exchange the officer grabs him forcibly to the ground." says Budge.

Sabbie was also maced while he was on the ground.

The Department of Justice told Sabbie's wife in early August no one would be prosecuted in connection to her husbands death.

LaSalle Corrections already has a civil rights lawsuit from the family of Morgan Angerbeaur a 20-year-old inmate who died in the Bi-State jail, from neglect to treat her high sugar levels.

The attorney for the Sabbie family say they're also considering filing a lawsuit.

"At this time we are pressing all of our civil options" says Budge.

The family attorney say's Michael Sabbie was supposed to be checked on every thirty minutes after the video but according to reports he was not.

A spokesperson with LaSalle Corrections would not comment on the video, only to say they operate the jail under the standards set by the Texas Jail Commission.

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