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Jesuits release names of clergy accused of sex abuse who served in Shreveport

SHREVEPORT, LA - The Catholic Diocese of Shreveport learned the names of the Jesuit priests and brothers who were accused of sexual abuse of minors and either served at then Jesuit High School (now Loyola College Prep) or St. John’s Parish/Co-Cathedral, when Shreveport was part of the Alexandria/Shreveport Catholic Diocese, prior to June 1986.

Jesuit priests, or members of the “Society of Jesus” order, are separate from secular priests who serve in the particular diocese to which they are assigned.

That list, which will come from the Catholic Diocese of Alexandria, has not, as yet, been released. 

The names released today came from the Jesuit superiors of U.S. Central and Southern Province, which includes Louisiana. 

In releasing the names of these offenders, the local diocese emphasized does not mean the allegations stemmed from their assignment here, only that these men once served here.

If there are or were any credible allegations of sexual abuse in Shreveport, the Diocese of Shreveport will be notified when the names of offenders from the Diocese of Alexandria are released.

Below are the names, the years served in Shreveport, and the resolution of their cases, and in the case of those already deceased, the year of their death: 


Jesuit High School – Shreveport, LA

Bartles, Charles                  1959 – 1962         deceased 1993     already deceased when listed

Boudreaux, Claude             1961 – 1966         deceased 2016     removed from ministry 2004

Coyle, Charles                    1961 – 1962         deceased 2015     removed from ministry 2002

Landwermeyer, Francis      1960 – 1961         deceased 2018     removed from ministry 2010

Park, Austin                        1947 – 1948         deceased 2013     out of ministry when allegation was made             

Pearce, Donald                    1953 – 1954         deceased 2016    removed from ministry 2003

St. John’s Parish/Co-Cathedral, Shreveport, LA

Dickerson, Donald               1981 – 1984         deceased 2018    removed from ministry 1998

Naughton, Thomas               1980 – 1981         deceased 2012     removed from ministry 2002

Ory, Claude                          1968                                                removed from ministry 2007

If you or anyone you know has a substantiated allegation related to any of the listed Jesuits, or any priest currently serving in the Diocese of Shreveport, please contact your local law enforcement authorities and Glennda Lawson, Victim Assistance Coordinator, at 318-294-1031.

You can also contact the Diocese of Shreveport’s Diocesan Administrator, Very Reverend Peter B. Mangum, at 318-868-4441, or da@dioshpt.org.

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