Jury selection continues on Day 4 of accused cop killer’s trial

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(KTAL/KMSS) Jury selection will continue Friday morning in the 1st Degree Murder trial of Grover Cannon, who is accused in the August 2015 shooting death of Shreveport Police Officer Thomas LaValley. 

Prosecutors and defense attorneys began interviewing prospective jurors at 9 this morning and continued throughout the day until court recessed at 5 p.m. 

Jury selection is being held in Baton Rouge after a change of venue was ordered due to publicity surrounding the shooting death of another Shreveport police officer just days before Cannon’s trial was to begin.

Once the jury is impaneled, members will be bused to Shreveport where they will be sequestered in a local hotel for the duration of the trial. 

For most of the first three days of the trial, which began Monday, Caddo District Judge Ramona Emanuel interviewed jurors who requested to be relieved of jury duty due to hardships and excused those with valid reasons. 

But on Monday, Emanuel denied a motion to stop jury selection before it started because the defense didn’t think there was enough minority representation, after listening to arguments from the defense and the prosecution. 

On Tuesday, the Second Circuit Court of Appeal upheld Emanuel’s denial of a defense motion to stop prosecutors from admitting evidence seized at the time of Cannon’s arrest. The motion claimed the arrest affidavit used to obtain the search warrant for Cannon did not cover the evidence.

Both motions were argued in open court and denied on Feb. 8. 2019. The defense didn’t like Emanuel’s ruling, so appealed to the higher courts. 

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