SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – One of the greatest graphic designers in the world is in Shreveport to show off the world’s greatest anti-hero.

The caped crusader punches into the streets of Shreveport as artspace becomes Gotham City for a first-ever Batman: Black and White exhibition. The exhibition features nearly 200 never before seen works of art by famous graphic designers.

“You can’t go to a comic book shop and get these comic books. These are hand-drawn individual pieces that have never been seen by most people around the world,” said Shreveport Regional Arts Council Marketing DirectorCasey Jones.

World-famous graphic designer Chipp Kidd, who was commissioned by DC Comics, brought his Manhattan exhibit to town to unmask the Dark Knight for Shreveport audiences.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve seen here in awhile,” said one man viewing the exhibit.

Kidd is known for thousands of designs and book covers in his decades-long career. Shreveport-native and Academy Award-winning author William Joyce brought Kidd and his works to town. Exciting fans who got to see illustrations by famous designers, including Frank Miller.

“It’s just nice to interact with different people who are also fans. So I think it’s really fun and really nice,” said DeLaney Nelson, who was viewing the exhibit.

The bat bringing out justice and beloved fans.

“Batman is a superhero. But he has superpowers. He does the best he can do in a bad situation,” said one Batman, who is also known as Kevin from South Highlands.

Artspace is also offering cosplay classes ahead of a Gotham gala, along with lots of family-fun activities such as becoming a detective and scavenger hunts.

“What do you like about Batman? He wears black,” said one girl.

People of all ages came out Friday to see the artwork.

Even Shreveport’s Commissioner Gordon made a patrol at Artspace that is allowing us all to be “the Batman.”

The Batman Black and White exhibit is open at artspace through the summer. On Saturday, there’s a free artist talk with Chip Kidd at 5 p.m.