Lake St. in downtown Shreveport is still closed business owners ask why


Lake street has been closed for two and half years now and business owners feel like the closure has slipped through the cracks of city government.

The Holiday Inn sits right in front of these rail road tracks on Lake Street.

Jason Mosby the Holiday Inn Corporate manager says,”we’re the main attraction right when you come into the city, we’re kind of like the ambassador for the city.”

The street closed in March of 2015 after Holiday Inn customers complained about the trains whistling as they crossed the tracks on Lake Street.

“We haven’t had any problems since then but they still blow the horn, so we’re back to where we were but not as bad as we were,” Mosby said.

The hotel wanted the crossing to be shut down for good or to have crossing arms installed to cut down on the noise, but that still hasn’t taken place.

“So what was a temporary closure has turned into a longer closure and made it a lot more difficult to deal with that’s for sure.”

Business owners like Jason Cram of the Vintage design group, feel like the  project which started under Mayor Cedric Glover has been buried under other current city projects, and is not a top priority.

“From the real estate side, we do have several tenants that do deal with public, the lake street closure has certainly made it a big inconvenience for their cliental,” Cram said.

Cram says he’s ready for the street to re-open, in a timely manner, but business owners believe the rail road company is behind the hold up. 

“We set a criteria in agreeance with the city that in two years if they didn’t have any movement on this or it took longer than two years, then they would go ahead and open the street back up.”

We reached out to the City of Shreveport and have not heard back from them.

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