Lawsuit filed in fatal child electrocution


The death of ten year-old Greenlee Buckley is now at the center of a lawsuit.

Greenlee’s parents said she was reaching behind the family’s dryer to get her kittens when she received the fatal shock last month.  According to the lawsuit, which names Loe’s Rentals, LLC, as the defendant, the washer was plugged into a standard duplex outlet which had an “energized” ground wire.  The lawsuit goes on to state that the “ground wire was delivering 120v electricity to the frame of the washer, causing the washer’s exterior to become electrically charged.”  

The lawsuit goes on to state that when Greenlee climbed on top of the washer and dryer, reaching behind to retrieve her kittens, “Her body was simultaneously touching the electrically “safe to touch” clothes dryer exterior cabinet and the “lethal” washer, which was energized by the defectively wired outlet.  Touching both the washer and the grounded dryer completed the circuit and electricity coursed through Greenlee’s body, causing severe burns to her face and a “blowout” injury to her left knee.  Ultimately, the current stopped her heart.”

The document adds that the house was “replete with substantive violations of the National Electric Code (NEC), the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act and other industry standards.  The lawsuit lists seven items.

The lawsuit goes on to state the “Problems with the electrical system in this house were reported by prior tenants to Defendant Loe’s Rentals, LLC more than fifteen months prior to Greenlee’s death, yet Defendant never had a licensed electrician inspect or repair the electrical wiring.”

Bowie County officials are referring the case to a grand jury to determine if any criminal charges should be filed.  A grand jury date has not yet been set.

The lawsuit seeks a trial by jury and requests that the jury determine the damages. 

A phone call to Todd Lowe, the registered agent of Loe’s Rentals, LLC, was not returned.

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