Legal battle continues over Harrelson Landfill


“The smell, oh my God it was almost unbearable” says Earnestine Jones who lives in the Martin Luther King community. Nearly 3 years ago she says a fire at a Harrelson Landfill, a waste pit near her home gave her community problems. “The people in this area has complained about health issues” says Jones. She says the fire lasted for so long, she lost track of the time frame. “I’m glad it’s gone, I hope nothing like that ever appears in our neighborhood again” says Jones. Law makers say Shreveport and Harrelson Material Management were in a legal battle. “They paid Harrelson and settled with Harrelson in a lawsuit and paid them over $250,000” says Senator. Gregory Tarver of District 39. Senator Tarver says that’s when he felt the need to step in. “Then I called DEQ(The Dept. on Environmental Quality” The landfill is off of Russell Road. DEQ says they have closed the landfill and they will continue monitoring it for at least the next three years. “future use is limited” says Mark Juneau with DEQ. They also filed a law suit against Harrelson after the fire. “We are pursuing the landfill to recover the money spent for extinguishing the fire, closing and covering the landfill” says Jay Glorioso, DEQ’s attorney. “It’s not going to be re-opened not as long as im in the senate seat” says Senator Tarver. Jones says she hopes DEQ keeps it closed. “People say one thing and they do the total opposite, people come along with another dollar.” says Jones.

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