A recent study shows Louisiana continues to lead the nation in unequal pay amongst men and women.

“They’re doing the same job. They should be getting paid the same amount to do the same thing. There’s no reason they should be getting paid less,” said William Rice, Chuck Wagon Crawfish GM.

Here at Chuck Wagon Crawfish, William Rice says he pays all of his employees equally.”Based on experience too. I have one employee been here two years, so obviously perhaps  she makes a little more,” said Rice.

Sound fair, right? but this isn’t the standard. According to the National Partnership for Women and Families. Nationally women are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to white men, bu things are much different here in Louisiana.

 “Women make I believe it was 68-cents on the dollar for a white man. It’s even worse for women of color. Black women I believe it’s 48-cents. Latina women 52-cents,” said Melissa Gibson, Shreveport-Bossier Chapter of the National Organization for Women

Making Louisian the number one state for unequal pay between men and women.”The legislator has over the last decade has rejected 28-bills that would possibly help lessen that gap,” said Gibson.

As a business owner Rice doesn’t understand why more won’t push for equal pay.”I don’t see how it could hurt a business. I could see how maybe it could help a business. If everyone is making the same amount you may get more productivity out of everyone,” said Rice.

There is a proposed bill to end pay secrecy. Allowing employees to discuss salaries without getting fired.