Louisiana representatives send out student religious rights packet


Casey Ryan was checking her email when the Louisiana Student Rights Review came into her inbox.

Ryan said “I wasn’t expecting it but it came across and said parents please take the time to read this document.”

Ryan’s son, Brock, is a 7th grader in Bossier Parish Schools and she is just one of thousands of parents sent this packet. The document was co authored by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Congressman Mike Johnson.

Johnson said, “We just want to remind students and people that they still have their full array of constitutional rights and that as the supreme court said so many years ago, you don’t shed your constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression when you walk through the schoolhouse gates.”

Johnson says most of the questions come during the holidays.

Johnson said “Can we have a Christmas symbol? Can we include Christmas themes in the school play? That kind of thing.”

Students can pray at other events like graduation and sporting events but only if it’s student lead.

Ryan said that could be problematic for younger kids. She said “You have to have one child that’s going to step up and say ‘Lets all get together and say a prayer before we take the field’. I’m not sure there’s a ton of elementary students that would do that.”

Johnson said “We just wanted to get the dialogue going and remind people that there’s no need to censor and silence their faith.”

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