BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Louisiana State Police say drivers are making a dangerous move by cutting across the median on I-20 because Exit 26 is shut down in Bossier City, and it’s already resulted in at least one crash.

The eastbound ramp from I-20 to I-220 westbound by Louisiana Downs shut down Monday and will remain closed through September while crews work on repairs to the ramp as part of the Barksdale Air Force Base Interchange Project.

Missing the exit means an extra 20-mile round-trip for those trying to get back to I-220, and some drivers are apparently using the median cut-through east of the closed exit in order to avoid the extra time and mileage.

State police say those cut-throughs are designated for emergency vehicles only, and using them creates a risk for crashes. Drivers can get rear-ended by other drivers not expecting anyone to slow down in the left lane, while others take the unexpected turn too fast and crash. In fact, they say one such crash happened on Monday. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Drivers also risk getting hit coming out the other side or causing a chain-reaction crash.

Others are just crossing the grass median, which can also be dangerous. Odom says the best route would be to detour via Highway 80 and avoid having to go the long way around.

“Take the Industrial Drive exit. You can take that and get to U.S. 80 and you can get onto to I-220 from there.”

State police are also warning other drivers to be especially aware, particularly during high-traffic commute times in the mornings and afternoons.

“The problem is the heavy commute hours, your morning and evening traffic,” Odom said. “People trying to and from work and home. That’s when this becomes a real problem.”

Odom says state police are patrolling the area and have already given out several citations.

Drivers can call *577 to report a crash or improper driving.