Memorial ceremony to honor fallen heroes from 9-11


At the Liberty Garden in Bossier those who protected us and lost their lives on 9/11 were honored for being the hero’s they are.

The city of Bossier and the organization Keep Bossier Beautiful Honor those who sacrificed their lives on nine-eleven.

They hosted a ceremony to thank local first responders and to remember fallen heroes.

Lonnie Sneed a 4th grader Central Elementary says ” the heroes of September 11 are the policemen firefighters paramedics and public safety workers who put their lives on the line to save people in danger.”

Brigadier General Jonathan M. Ellis, Barksdale Air Force Base Keynote speaker says, “so we all remember where we were,  what we were doing this very day 16 years ago.”

Brigadier general … Johnthan Ellis .. recalled how he had just landed in Chicago and wasn’t off the plane yet, when he found out the news from his dad.

But he says today is a day of celebration for those who fought for us.

“A time of celebration, a time of recognition, national resilience of a higher calling and selfless dedication to a cause higher than ourself.”

The tragedy of nine-eleven inspired Brandon Henry to join the air force.

Brandon Henry,  Barksdale Airforce Base Honor Gard says, “I just really couldn’t believe it, just believe that our country had been attacked like that and it’s still with me today 16 years later.”

And he’s doing his part to protect the u-s from being attacked again.

“To be just ready to go at a moments notice that’s the main thing that we’re always there to defend our country.”

And there will be a prayer vigil at seven to pray those who protect us daily.

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