SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL) – It was a tough contest, but a lucky winner found the $1,000 prize in the 2022 SWEPCO’s Mudbug Madness Treasure Hunt late Thursday night.

The treasure clues were released in the 10 pm KTAL NBC 6 newscast each night until the treasure was found, and it was a long race to the finish!

After nine clues, Ricky Melvin managed to find the treasure on a pole in front of the old Poulan Weedeater facility off Industrial Loop West near Hot Wheels Skating Rink. Poulan Weedeater was the very first Title Sponsor of Mudbug Madness.

Here are the clues and landmarks that led to the treasure:

1. For our hunt, it’s a new beginning
So to improve your chances of winning
Some places we won’t ask you to go.
We’re starting all over in a new part of town!

2. Experienced hunters will know:
Some places we won’t ask you to go.
“Stay off of private property” is quite hard to rhyme;
To find the treasure you’ll never go inside, dig, or climb!

3. Remember, in each rhyme that we share
We’ve hidden a clue or a pair
The places the clues suggest
May not be the last stop on your quest!

4. How many ways to define where the treasure you’ll find?
Why, there must be at least between 20 and 49! (Between I-20 and I-49)
So “Go West, young man!” in search of the cash,
And stay tuned for more clues to where we’ve hidden the stash.

5. One more thing it may help to know:
‘Tween loops we’ve hidden the dough. (Between Southern Loop and LA-3132 InnerLoop)
Stay north of the southern and outside the inner
If you’d like your fortune to grow.

6. Have the clues been too general thus far, in your measure? (General Motors)
Have you been driving the wheels off your car hunting treasure? (Elio Motors, three-wheeled car, and another reference to cars…)
Hang on tight, the best clues yet are on the way…
We may have given you one today.

7. You could certainly get there by driving (reference to golf practice range very nearby)
You could almost get there by plane. (Shreveport Regional Airport is nearby)
Though most come by truck (reference to loading bays at Doerle facility), with a stroke (reference to golf course nearby) of good luck,
the treasure’s almost within range. (another reference to golf practice range very nearby)

8. The say a man’s home is his castle,
and sometimes, a castle’s his home.
If you’re near the gates of a kingdom of neighbors
You don’t have much further to roam. (Tons of references to the Newcastle neighborhood as well as the castle-like entrance to Hot Wheels Skating Palace)

9. Where two men meet on the corner of the street,
and one meets his end while the other heads east. (a reference to Flournoy Lucas road meeting Bert Kouns and only one continuing)
If you’ve made it this far in the chase,
Park the car—there’s plenty of space. (several nearby parking lots, especially the Hot Wheels building)

Congratulations to our 2022 SWEPCO Mudbug Madness Treasure Hunt Winner! Check out the Mudbug Madness Festival until May 29 for food, fun, music, and more.