Mystikal set to reject plea deal; wants charges dropped

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Micheal Tyler, also known as rapper Mystikal, is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday morning for a hearing on his first-degree rape and a second-degree kidnapping charges.

Tyler is accused of raping a woman in October of 2016 when he was in town for a concert.

His attorney Joel Pearce tells NBC6/Fox 33 that the rapper is rejecting all plea deals the Caddo District Attorney’s office might offer and wants all charges dropped.

Pearce says the deal offered is if Tyler pleads guilty to simple rape with a sentencing by the judge, the district attorney’s office will dismiss the second-degree kidnapping charge.

On Feb. 13, Tyler posted a $3 Million bond, spending 18 months in prison.

Last fall, when he attempted to get his bond reduced from the original $2 Milliion set, the judge raised it to $3 Million. 

Pearce believes the victim is lying and to help prove it, the defense team has filed a petition to get her mental health and wellness records, which will be taken up during Wednesday’s hearing. 

In 2004 the rapper was sentenced to a six-year prison term for sexual battery for attacking his former hairstylist.

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