NAACP meeting regarding the death of Anthony Childs

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The local chapter of the NAACP holds a community meeting Tuesday on the suicide of Anthony Childs, His death was ruled a suicide after he was involved in a shootout with police back in Febraury. 

This was the second meeting held regarding the death of Childs, which got heated. This time the District Attorney was there to explain why he could not pick up the case.

“I had it sent to my office. I looked at the video, I reviewed the statements to see if there was anything there that contradicted the information based on my conversation with the coroner and I did not see anything that allowed me to do anthing more,” said James Stewart, Caddo Parish District Attorney.

Officials said Childs died in a police involved shooting in Shreveport. The autospy found the fatal shot came from Childs himself as a suicide. But his family and community members are unsettled by the evidence presented to them.

“I’m coming up here trying to tell you the truth. The facts of what was determined in an investigation and everytime I bring a fact out you call me a liar or you say I’m covering for somebody or I’m not giving you the evidence correctly,” said Todd Thoma, Caddo Parish Coroner.

Childs’ family questions the police officers actions of trying to stop a man running away. While Police Chief Ben Raymond said they can’t let people run away from police. He addressed questions regarding why Childs was shot when he was already on the ground. 

“A bullet goes right through a vehicle like a piece of cheese. Simply hiding behind a vehicle is concealment. So just because I’m behind a vehicle does not mean I’m protected from gun fire,” Chief Raymond said.

The NAACP held the meeting for public to ask questions and vent concerns, which many did not hold back.

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