Neighbors in disbelief after man’s crime spree

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“It’s scary knowing something like that happened just up the road from where I live,” said Veronica Hashieder, Neighbor.

Neighbors react to the news, 56 year old James Salone shot and killed Kenneth Raymond Jones in Harrison County. Injured another man in Keithville and held his ex-girlfriend and her kids hostage before commiting suicide in Shreveport.
“It does make you stop and think  a little bit . Now that that’s happened it can happen anywhere. It can happen next door,” said Hashieder.
According to the Caddo Sheriff’s Office Salone was convicted of aggravated rape in March 1982 and was released in 2003.
“My heart goes out to the family and the people involved,” John Daniel, Neighbor. John Daniel has lived in Keithville since the 80’s and says nothing like this has ever  happened.
“Everybody on this road knows me. We always wave sometimes we’ll meet in the road chit chat,” said Daniel.
Although he didn’t know Salone personally he says he’s always been friendly.”I’ve never had any problems with him. we just been good neighbors. Everyone on this road. It’s very unusual,” said Daniel.
Daniel says this tragedy has rocked their town and they plan to be more vigilant.There’s problems in the world. Everybody deals with their own problem their own way. It’s sad they brought somebody else into it,” said Daniel.

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