New Arkansas law shows calories before your order


A new law may change your mind on what fast-food you order when you’re on the go. 

Everyone has their go-to order.

As of Monday — all restaurants with twenty or more locations have to include the calorie count for each item on the menu.  

“I mean now you see all the junk food and it adds up, 13-1400 calories,” Fayetteville resident Daniel Oliver said. “That’s over a meal already right there.” 

Arkansas is the third highest ranked state for obesity levels — according to the CDC.

That’s why a local KFC received its new displays in the mail yesterday. 

But dietitian – Tori Eaton tells me numbers could be misleading. 

“If you compare the calories in a handful of nuts and a snickers bar, the walnuts will have more calories but we all know walnuts are healthier than a snickers bar,” Tori Eaton said. 

Some customers could get too consumed. 

“There is a huge issue out there with people who have disorder eating patterns and so having the caloric value in their face could disrupt them emotionally and psychologically,” Eaton said. 

But for others, it could be the start of something new. 

“I have a weird thing where I do like to look at calories so for me it does affect me,” Oliver said. “I will order by it next time.” 

Now the law gives the customer all the information before they make a decision.

The new law doesn’t just include fast food restaurants.

Gas stations, movie theaters, and stadiums are all included. 

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