New center for veterans coming to Maud


Maud, Texas is opening its arms to our nation’s veterans by converting the former Northeast Texas Restitution Center into a vocational rehab center.  Organizers are hopeful the community will offer financial help as well.

Cass County Probation Director Catherine Betts is familiar with the needs of veterans.  Betts said, “I’m a veteran myself, United States Air Force.  I come from a long line of veterans.”  The state closed the Northeast Texas Restitution Center in 2011.  It housed some inmates on probation, but it remained within Betts’ budget.  She said, “Some vets that need the most services, will not reach out.  They want to do it themselves, they think they can, but, we hope that if there’s a place that they hear about, that they can see, that they will reach out for those services “

But Betts needed help transforming the facility.  Recently, she met Matt Fisk, a combat veteran who runs a non-profit for veterans called Lancer Legacy Ranch.  Fisk said, “I saw the potential here and then I just felt called to become a part of it.”

Fisk envisions the facility eventually as a one-stop shop for veterans, possibly housing up to twenty.  But, funding is a challenge.  He said, “Right now it’s gonna have to come from God.”  Fisk and Betts are applying for grants to help with long term funding.  In the short term, they’re looking for support from the community.

Fisk said, “We want to bring in veterans now.  To do that, we have to raise approximately twelve hundred and fifty dollars per veteran, per month, to make that happen.  Together, we have the answer.”  

A gofundme account has been set up here:

Fisk is portrayed in a miniseries set to debut Tuesday, November 7th at 8pm on the National Geographic Channel called “The Long Road Home.”   

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