New growing industry of gadgets to assist the elderly

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There’s a growing number of ways that technology is helping the elderly.

Liz McLaughlin goes over gadgets to help seniors maintain their independence.

“I’ve fallen and I cant get up.”

It’s been thirty years since this “Life Call” commercial aired, but falls still top fatal injuries among older adults.

That’s where Walabot comes in. Its motion sensor keeps an eye out.

“It knows a fall versus just kneeling down to get something and it will notify someone you set up ahead of time,” said Dan Ackerman, CNET.

Wearables such as the Apple watch and nurture watch have fall detection built-in. So do smart shoes by Evone which also send alerts.

The “Hip Safe” aims to prevent injury with a protective belt.

“It actually has airbags that instantly inflate in a third of a second to cushion your hips when you fall,” Ackerman said.

Caretaker robots such as Black and Decker’s “Pria” can track and dispense medication.

Samsung also offers “Bot Care” to assist with health routines. While the Elli-G robot keeps seniors connected. 

“There’s actually a category, a small but growing category, of what you would call emotional support robots,” Ackerman said.

Robot pets are one example. Companionship and entertainment without the upkeep.

Robots are already part of elderly care in other countries. Analysts expect their popularity here to skyrocket as Baby Boomers age.

“They’re going to use more things like personal assistants around the house and more things like autonomous driving, self driving cars,” Ackerman said.

Technology keeping seniors independent through their golden years. 

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