New voter ID law

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As of January first, there’s a new voter ID law in Texas.

Senator Bryan Hughes is a co-author of the new law.  He calls voter identification a hot issue.  “Voting is a precious, blood bought right in America, in western civilization, we have to make sure we’re protecting it.” 

Hughes, on a tour of his district, said people should be able to show that they are, who they say they are.  Hughes said, “The Texas Attorney General has uncovered hundreds of cases of voter fraud down in Harris County, in Houston.  They discovered three-thousand people who were registered to vote who were not even US citizens, so it’s a real problem.”  

For those that can’t afford an ID, Hughes says there are provisions in place.  “We changed the law to say, if you can’t afford the state ID we’ll give it to you for free, we’ve removed every obstacle,” he said.

Hughes adds that the supreme court has ordered Texas to have an exception for those that legitimately cannot show an ID.  “You can sign an affidavit that says I am registered voter, I do live at this address and if you’re willing to do that, then we can allow you to vote,” he said. 

The new law was revised by the legislature after the courts struck the 2011 law.

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