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Officer settles in East Texas after hurricane

TEXARKANA, Tx - TTPD Officer Karey Parker has seen his share of storms in life.

On the street, assisting people through their tough moments is part of his job.  Parker said, "Helping people take care of their problems, I enjoy it."  Officer Parker left New Orleans, Louisiana six months after the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina.  "It was something right out of the movies. I mean, it was pretty scary," he said. 

His family sought shelter from the storm in Texarkana, Texas.  After Officer Parker fulfilled his commitment in New Orleans, he rejoined his family in their new city.  

Officer Parker has been an officer with TTPD for about eight years.  He's well known in most neighborhoods.  "If we have different burglaries that happen, I'll go out and talk to the victim to see if they can do anything different to deter the burglaries," he said.

He's also popular at the Boys & Girls Club.  "Some of them are scared of officers.  I talk to them about stranger danger, make sure they know 911," he said.

Officer Parker's compassion for others has helped him establish man relationships in the community.  "You treat them with respect and they're gonna respect you," he said. 



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