NATCHITOCHES PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Severe weather struck the small town of Powhatan on Tuesday, leaving residents picking up the pieces.

Katie Stewart walks through what’s left of her mobile home after a tree fell on it during the storm.

“I just heard a ‘woo-woo!’ and the door slammed. A tree came down in my living room and my bedroom,” Stewart said.

She said she was scared because her eight-month-old great-granddaughter was also in her bedroom.

“She was right there with all that white stuff in her little hair. When I saw her, she looks at me and smiled, and I just got right quick and grabbed her and start holding her and saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus, thank you.”

Stewart said this has never happened to her before. A similar situation for neighbor Tony Leone who lives just a block up. Fortunately for Tony, he was not home when the storm hit.

“The cleaning lady was here when all this happened. It scared her so bad, she just locked the door and left,” Leone said.

He said he’s glad everyone is okay.

“You never know when one of these things hit what’s going to happen.”

Both residents are glad to be alive

“When I look at this mess, it’s nothing. But I’m blessed because that could have been in it.”