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Police in Texarkana, Texas need your help to identify a man caught on camera pretending to be a police officer. 

The incident happened Friday evening.  A motorist near the mall noticed someone following her.  She stopped in the entrance of a nearby hotel.  TTPD Spokesman Shawn Vaughn said, “The real scare with this guy is that he was very, very bold in terms of where he approached this lady.” 

The man called himself undercover Officer Mantaho.  He drove an unmarked Chevrolet car.  He wanted the motorist’s identification.  Vaughn said, “He spent a couple of minutes trying to convince her to roll her window down and open the door, anything there.”  The savvy motorist locked her doors and only cracked her window.  The fake officer was on his cell phone, or pretended to be, through the whole ordeal.  At one point, surveillance video even showed him standing in front of the motorist’s vehicle. 

“The entrance to the hotel was a great idea actually, to pull up there, you know that other people are going to be there, it’s well lit,” Vaughn said.

Police say motorists are not typically pulled over by an unmarked car, but it can happen.  Officials say if it does, the officer will provide proper identification.  Authorities add, that if you’re unsure who’s pulling you over, call 911 immediately.  Vaughn said, “That dispatcher’s going to know where those officers are and will be able to almost immediately tell you yes, or no, that is a police officer and give you instructions.”

Though the fake officer’s license plate is unclear, officials believe the dark-colored Chevrolet had Louisiana plates.  Law enforcement officials say they’re very concerned about the impersonator’s intentions.

Impersonating a police officer is a felony in Texas.  It carries a sentence of up to ten years in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine.  

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