Police still investigating the death of 4-year-old killed in late night shooting


Just days before  Mother’s day, a four year old little boy is taken away from his mother.

After being shot in the head.

Shreveport city councilman Willie Bradford says, “it’s just a tragedy that a young life, four year old boy, will not have the opportunity to live a life that God would have wanted him to live.”

Public information officer for Shreveport Police Angie Willhite says, “it could of been your kid, that could of been your kid in that car, think about that the next time your out there firing your weapon in careless manner or your out shooting at someone else, there’s innocence out there you know, innocent children that can get in the way of those bullets, and your totally disregarding them, a four old child is dead today, right before mother’s day.”

Police say there where two reports of shots fired last night just a few minutes apart from each other.

One at the Canaan Village Apartments and the other at the intersection of Buena Vista and Pierre Avenue.

“Anytime somebody is hurt or gets killed or shot at, it’s terrible, yeah we’re tired of it, we been tired of it and people need to start making better decisions and stop this,” Willhite said.

Detectives have discovered evidence that they believe the shooting that killed the four year old was at Buena Vista and Pierre Avenue.

A member Blessed Sacrament Church, thought  the shots where coming toward the church.

Robert Perry a church volunteer says, “someone was being chased, a woman was being chased in her car, and when it got near blessed sacrament a man fired approximately 36 shots.”

Councilman Willie Bradford wants to bring in help from Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator and other law enforcement agencies.

“I’m not blaming anybody, okay, im not blaming anybody, but im just saying when we get something of this nature where a four year old child is killed on the streets on of Shreveport, Louisiana, we should not leave no stones unturned, to find out how, and the degree of resources that we can put on the street to deter and erratic this element.”

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