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Raped and beaten, a Shreveport woman shares story to help others

Shreveport, La. - Louisiana ranks second in the nation for women being murdered by men according to the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. A Shreveport woman is sharing her story of abuse to help others.

Shamekia Tasby is speaking out because she knows how big a problem domestic violence is in Caddo Parish. A warning to viewers that her is story is graphic. 

"He started punching me in the head, punching me in the face. Anywhere he could punch me, he was. He was violently attacking me," Tasby said.

Tasby describes what happened to her on June 11, 2018. She said her ex-boyfriend Alvin Walker had been harassing her with text messages so when she heard banging outside her apartment door at 1 a.m., she knew it was him. She said they had dated for several years and had a son together. However, the relationship became emotionally and physically abusive so she was trying to distance herself from him by ending it. So when she heard him trying to get inside, she called 911. But he used an old key and got inside. She said she spoke with police dispatch and gave them her address, but an officer didn't show up until hours later. Once Walker was inside he began hurting her. 

"He punched me dead in the face. Laid me out on my son's bed. My son is just sitting there looking so when he hit me, my son knew because he's seen him abuse me before. My son got to hollering," Tasby said. 

She said he then grabbed a butcher knife and put it to her throat. 

"He then told me he was going to force himself on me and have sex with me anyway he wanted to. So I was screaming and hollering and he told me to shut the "f" up, shut the "f" up before someone hears you," Tasby said.

Walker has a history of abuse dating back to the 1990s'. He also faces unrelated domestic violence charges in Natchitoches Parish. 

"I don't understand how he keeps slipping through the hands of justice. I was beat inside my home in front of my two-year-old, I was raped here. I was strangled here," Tasby said.

Walker was arrested by Shreveport Police and charged with domestic abuse with strangulation. But his bond was only ten-thousand dollars. 

"They gave him a ten-thousand bond and I really think a ten-thousand dollar bond is petty for a crime of this nature and this extent," Tasby said.

Tasby shared photos she saved of her injuries on her neck and inside her mouth. She's speaking out now to help other women. 

"I don't want to see another woman being done like this. I don't want to see another killing on the t.v. on the news about a young woman losing her life at the hands of a man," Tasby said.

She also choose to speak out because she has two daughters and she does not want them to experience what she's lived through.

Walker is being transferred to Natchitoches Parish to face other domestic violence charges.

Tasby hopes he receives a harsher bond there. She encourages other victims of domestic abuse to speak out because "it's not over."

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