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Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward W. Stack expressed they are forced to make some big changes nationwide.

“We actually sold the shooter a shotgun in November of last year and when we looked at that and found out that we did this we had a pit in our stomach,” said Stack.

The company will no longer sell assault-style rifles like the one used in Parkland.

Customers must be at least 21 to purchase guns from the store.

“Everybody talks about thoughts and prayers going out to them and that’s great but that doesn’t really do anything.”

Steve Sowell, a native of Shreveport feels it’s not the assault rifle that does the crime.

“In good hands, it’s really just a toy if anything.”

Sowell said he feels it’s the persons intent with the rifle.

“They’re going to get those guns no matter what a store or business does.”

Maryanne Cummings see’s the stores’ action as heroic.

“Until it hits home you don’t understand it, you don’t get it,” said Cummings.

She says her daughter was under lockdown in Las Vegas during the 2017 mass shooting.

After feeling like no one asked for stricter gun laws then, she’s proud of what she’s seeing now.

“The kids in Florida, they’re my heroes right now! Out of the mouth of babes, I’m so thrilled with what they’re doing.”

“I really don’t know if it will help or not,” said Stowell.

“If the kids are brave enough to organize and do what they are doing then we should be brave enough to take this stand,” said Stack.

The company is also calling on elected officials to enact common sense gun reform including a ban on assault rifles.

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