SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) –  Shreveport’s Real Time Crime Center is working with utility companies to install dozens of camera systems throughout the city in an ongoing effort to reduce crime and aid Shreveport Police Department investigations.

The Real-Time Crime Center plans to install about 90 camera systems around Shreveport.

City leaders are hopeful that installing more cameras will lead to more crimes being solved and also serve as a deterrent to criminals.

“I went on fourteen town halls, not to mention the town halls this year. Everyone wants the cameras,” says Keith Hanson, the City’s Chief Technology Officer

Hanson says SWEPCO is one of the city’s partners. They own about 65-percent of the utility poles in Shreveport.

“Obviously that’s a process to get through and we’re working with our partners to get through the process as quickly as we can,” says Hanson.

Carey Sullivan, the Director Of Communications at SWEPCO, says the utility company is “working through a pole attachment process.”

“So that’s the same process we used any company or municipality that wants to attach equipment into our poles,” says Sullivan.

The center is using crime analysis to determine the areas they want to target. But nearly every council district will have a camera in it.

Hanson says Shreveport police would not have to rely so heavily on eyewitnesses.

Shreveport Police Department Public Information Officer CPL. Chris Bordelon says the point of these cameras is to reduce the rate of crimes in the Shreveport area.

“If someone does commit a crime and it is on camera, it makes our cases that much stronger,” says Bordelon. “A witness is great, but camera footage is always better. A witness can testify, but camera footage is a fact.”

Also, if residents are concerned about their privacy being compromised, Hanson says the center takes that into consideration.

“We have built limitations into our systems to respect that privacy. These cameras are typically going to hold anywhere from 7 to 14 days of data. That’s generally unheard of when people deploy cameras,” says Hanson.

There isn’t an exact date yet for the camera installations, but Hanson says residents can expect to see them “as soon as possible, and with urgency.”

To date, the Real-Time Crime Center monitors more than 440 cameras from participating homeowners and businesses.

In late April Shreveport Police Chief Wayne Smith joined Mayor Adrian Perkins and Shreveport Green to announce plans for a citywide crackdown on littering and illegal dumping, as part of the City of Shreveport’s #CleanerShreveport initiative.