Rod Demery shares details on 2nd season of Murder Chose Me


His mother was murdered when he was three years old and he has made it his life’s mission to find justice for the families of murder victims.  Now Rod Demery’s life’s work based out of Shreveport is being shared with millions of people around the world.

The second season of Murder Chose Me premieres on Investigation Discovery this Wednesday.

“I think this season is focused a lot more on cases and they’re pretty raw and gritty.  Pretty good depiction.”

The series focuses on Demery, who worked as a lead homicide detective for the Shreveport Police Department for 14 years.   

“Last season was kind of intimate.  An introduction to me and why I came into law enforcement.”

During this season’s ten episodes he reflects on his most memorable cases in the Port City.  He says the season finale will leave a lasting impact on viewers.

“I think it will dispel some urban myths.  People don’t tell, people don’t snitch.  I think people are going to realize yeah they do.”

Demery hopes viewers will take something away from each episode.

“I think people will realize they have the ability to control the destiny of their neighborhoods.”

He has a proven track record in law enforcement with a 100 percent solve rate for more than 250 Shreveport homicide cases.  This has prompted many to call for him put his name in the race for Shreveport mayor.

“I think people think it’s sometimes some type of political strategy and it’s not.  I just really haven’t decided.  It’s a lot of meditation and prayer when it comes to that because it’s a tall order.”

He has until July to make a decision, but regardless Demery plans to continue to be driven by his one mission in life, which is finding justice for families.

 “My position has always been to try to be where I can be effective.”

Demery retired from the Shreveport Police Department in 2016 and is currently serving as a special homicide investigator for the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s office.

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