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Salute the Badge: Deputy 'Coach Matt' Guerrero

School Resource Officer also coaches youth basketball

BOSSIER CITY, La. - Matt Guerrero spends his free time teaching young players the fundamentals of basketball.

He coaches his son's team in the Upward Basketball league at Airline Baptist Church.

"I've always had a passion for kids... just a joy to be around them," said Guerrero.

That passion for kids also led him to his career path as a School Resource Officer, or SRO, at Cope Middle School.

He became a deputy in 2006 after seeing an SRO at the school where his wife teaches.

"I said 'what's that cop doing here?' I didn't know what was going on. She said 'he's our SRO.' I was like 'huh, that's kind of neat you know.' You're a cop and working with kids. That's awesome," explained Guerrero.

So when the opportunity became available to help in the school system, he took it.

"That would give me an opportunity to do what I do and be around kids and somehow impact their lives."

At school, as Deputy Guerrero, he gets to encourage the students.

"Be there to help them to actually talk to them and just talk them up and say hey it's going to be ok."

And on the court, as Coach Matt, the job is the same... encouraging and instructing.

"I tell him a certain thing to do and he does it and he makes that shot and they look at me and it's just a big ol' smile on their face and it's awesome. It's just awesome."

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