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Shreveport police are searching for who’s responsible in a drive-by shooting Saturday night that killed one an injured two others. One of the survivors speaks out.

“I’ve been over there since I was 10. I’m 36 now and stuff like that doesn’t happen. Just somebody pulls up on us and start shooting. Naw,” said Larry Daughtry, Shooting Survivor.

Behind this yellow caution tape, 36-year-old Larry Daughtry’s life flashed before his eyes. “Am I gone die. That’s what was going through my mind the whole time I was hearing the gunshots,” said Daughtry.

Shell casings litter the ground in the 3500 of Kingswood Drive. After someone pulled up around 8:30 Saturday night and began shooting. Hitting Daughtry and a friend in the legs

“I ain’t feel it until later on because I didn’t know I was shot in my ankle until  I sat down and I felt it then,” said Daughtry.

27-year-old Montrevious Smith, also known as Pop. He was hit in the chest and later died.”He was like an outgoing guy. He was a comedian. He made everybody laugh. He was loveable. He wasn’t a bad guy at all. I’m talking about there wasn’t a bad bone in Pop’s body,” said Daughtry.

Many people close to the victims want to know why? “This is a small facility. Like we grew up far as kids wise and nothing really going on over here. So it hits home a little hard,” said Shanika Graves, Daughtry’s sister.

As for Daughtry, he’s looking to the future, as he focuses on healing physically and mentally. He’s grateful to be alive.”I thank God because it could have been any one of us,” said Daughtry.

Police have not released a description of the vehicle.

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