Shreveport City Council to again debate trash pickup fee

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The Shreveport City Council will again debate a proposed $7 trash pickup fee

The Council was supposed to decide on the fee earlier this month but postponed that decision

Now, the discussion is back on the table for this week’s work session and could be voted on in Tuesday’s regular meeting.

If the Council approves, the fee will begin in April.

The $7 is less than the $18 Mayor Adrian Perkins called for in January.

The City Council will also debate creating a ‘Solid Waste Enterprise Fund‘. 

Sec. 26.210.16. – Established; purpose
(a) Established. A Solid Waste Enterprise Fund is established as an integral component
of the City’s solid waste management. All funds received by the City from solid
waste collections, landfill fees, recycling fees, bulk collection fees, other solid waste
services, and from income earned on these funds shall be deposited in the Solid
Waste Enterprise Fund.

(b) Purpose. The purpose of this fund shall be to dedicate the monies generated through
the services listed in part (a) above to fund solid waste operations and services. The
monies deposited in this fund shall be used to pay the expenditures of solid waste

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