SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The Shreveport City council is wrapping up the redistricting process.

Every 10 years, district boundaries are evaluated and redrawn to reflect data from the most recent United States census.

The latest census data shows Shreveport’s population as 39% white and 51% Black.

As the city redraws the district lines, some members are concerned about the balance of representation.

“If we can make them all fifty-fifty, that would be great and then everybody has an equal shot,” said District D councilman Grayson Boucher. “But right now in Shreveport, we are a 60-40 city and I feel very strongly that we should be a four, three council.”

District D and District E saw the biggest shifts in population, so those areas are going to see the biggest changes in the redistricting process.

Dr. Gary Joiner, who presented 13 different maps to the city council, says all the plans are legally sound.

“It meets all the criteria within the state and federal law. All of them stand on their own. All of them work to try and balance out the population. All of them meet the Department of Justice requirements.”

Some council members believe the public should have a voice in the process before the council makes a final decision.

“If the community had any questions or concerns or any councilmembers had any concerns then they would have enough time to go over there and do that, said District A representative Tabatha Taylor. “The point being, if there need to be a special meeting called, then I think the chairman would be willing to do that.”

The council is not going to vote on this until next month.