Shreveport doctor offers a non-surgical procedure to fix ear deformity


At just 2 weeks old, little Evangeline is undergoing a first-of-its-kind, non-surgical procedure in North Louisiana, to fix a deformity with her ear.

Kelly Lambard, mother, “The top of her ear is just a little bent and it’s causing a point that makes your ear look like a little pixie but just on one side.”

The deformity was most likely caused by your ear being compressed in the womb. Kelly sent a photo of Evangelines’ ear to her friend LSU Dr. Paige Bundrick who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Paige Bundrick, assistant professor, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, “That is something that is difficult if not impossible to fix surgically the best treatment is intervention within 3 weeks of birth.”

Dr. Bundrick is the only doctor in North Louisiana using ear molds to re-shape any deformities.
The procedure is painless and doesn’t involve anesthesia or cutting. Dr. Bundrick places small plastic blocks in Evangeline ear to help remold it. Because of the pliability of a baby’s ear cartilage the molding process must be used before the newborn is 3-weeks-old.

Dr. Bundrick, “Particularly now with bullying that children experience these days to be able to have an intervention within 3 weeks of both completely changed their life is really exciting.”

Dr. Bundrick says the early the deformity is detected the least amount of time it takes to correct it. Four weeks later, Evangeline’s mold was removed for good and the shape of her ears are now matching.
Years down the road Evangeline won’t even remember this procedure, but this procedure could prevent some physical and emotional pain.

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