Shreveport NAACP questions delay in justice for murdered Coushatta man

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COUSHATTA, La. (KTAL/KMSS)- Update: The family of a Coushatta man who was killed three years ago is looking for answers, wondering why his accused killers have not gone to trial.

Earl Moore’s family says justice has not been served because the accused killers have not been tried.

The family and Shreveport NAACP chapter want updates on the case and want to know why a court date has not been set.

Moore died after being shot several times at the red river estates apartments in March of 2017.

Carrel Waites is charged with principal to second-degree murder. His son Daniel Waites is charged with second-degree murder.

“And I’m asking the DA in Red River Parish please take this to trial. Give this family some justice at the end of the day so this mother this family can have a little peace. That’s all we ask for,” said Lloyd Thompson the Shreveport NAACP Chapter Vice President.

“I stress every night, every day, I don’t sleep. I don’t do anything. It’s so painful losing your child to nonsense when the guys that killed him, was going knocking on door to door looking for Earl to kill Earl,” said Carla Moore, Mother of Earl Moore.

Carrel Waites bonded out in August 2018. His son Daniel Waites is still in jail.

Prosecutors sent this statement: “Justice is exactly what the Red River Parish District Attorney’s Office is seeking to obtain in this and every other case in which we are involved. We understand how frustrating delays are – we experience the same frustrations. Additionally, we are keenly aware of how negotiating all of these obstacles that frequently occur within any complex case can appear overwhelming to victims and their families. Everyone within our office from the District Attorney, staff attorneys, and staff members are committed to helping victims negotiate the labyrinth that is the criminal justice system. Victim assistance is a primary service within our office – not something incidental to our prosecution tasks. In every case, and this case, in particular, our hearts break at the anguish that victims and their families suffer at the hands of the perpetrators and in some cases the slow-grinding wheels of the justice system. However, some delays are unavoidable.

The Red River Parish District Attorney’s Office was prepared to go to trial on November 12, 2019, and stands ready to try this case today. However, counsel for the defendant, Daryl Gold, filed a Motion to Stay the Proceedings, pending a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on the case of Ramos v. Louisiana, No. 18-5924. Ramos, which is expected to be ruled upon very soon, will determine if all felony cases in the State of Louisiana are required to have a unanimous 12 out of 12 jury verdict in order to secure a conviction. In spite of our opposition and argument to the contrary, on October 30, 2019, Judge Lewis Sams ruled rather than granting a stay and effectually setting a precedent that could affect several Red River Parish cases, he would continue this matter for trial to April 12, 2020, in order to give the U.S. Supreme Court time to issue its ruling.

Admittedly, Ramos could have a direct impact on the Waites case. Currently, Waites and all other cases in Louisiana for an offense committed prior to January 1, 2019, still fall under the 10-12 rule, meaning ten out of twelve jurors are required to convict. If the U.S. Supreme Court rules that Louisiana’s 10-12 rule violates the U.S. Constitution after the Waites case has already been tried with a 10-12 or 11-1 verdict, the conviction would likely be vacated and the case would have to be retried.

Rest assured that we have been in communication with victim representatives in this case, and in particular have shared this information. Unfortunately, it appears that not all of our communications have been shared amongst the family members. We will do our best to prevent these miscommunications from reoccurring. We pledge to take every practical opportunity to make sure that our victims understand that the fight for justice necessarily includes that we are fighting for them.”

Earlier Story:

The family of a Red River Parish man shot to death in 2017 will be hosting a press conference with the Shreveport NAACP on Thursday afternoon, to give an update on the death of Earl Moore.

The press conference will begin at 1:00 p.m. at the NAACP office at 1315 Milam St.

According to a press release, Daniel Waites and his father Carrel Waites were arrested and charged for the murder of Moore in Red River Parish. Daniel was charged with second-degree murder and Carrel was charged with principal to second-degree.

The NAACP says a trial date has not been set for Earl Moore’s case. The death anniversary will mark three years on March 30, 2020.

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