Snow leads to car crashes in Texarkana


In Texarkana, snow covered roads leads to accidents throughout the city and around the clock response from officers. 

Officials say since six Tuesday morning there have been nearly 40 reported accidents. Roughly six of those accidents led to drivers being injured.

T.T.P.D. Public Information Officer  Shawn Vaughn says, “Most of the accidents we have seen so far have been one vehicle. Accidents where they’ve slid off the road.” 

Officials say if in an accident, be patient and know that help is on the way.

Officer Vaughn adds, “The officers are having to respond themselves and I mean they’re dealing with the exact same issues that everyone else is.”

In some ares the snow has started to melt. Making the pavement a sheet of ice and even more dangerous to drive on.

Officer Vaughn asks,”If you don’t have a really pressing reason to be out. Don’t. Today please just stay wherever you’re at home. Whatever because the more that you’re out on the road the better chance that. You get in a situation where you’re gonna get hurt.” 

Officials say the roads should  be safe to drive on by Thursday.

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