Springhill man captures tornado touchdown on camera

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A Northwest Louisiana man captured what appeared to be a tornado touch down in downtown Springhill Saturday. 

Kyle O’Glee says in the video that he was able to film a tornado as it formed, touched down, and watched it “tear up a bunch of stuff.” 

“It come dead-center at me,” Kyle says over time-lapsed video of the funnel forming posted on YouTube, which is followed by real-time video as the tornado rips through the mall on South Main Street where he works. 

Debris could be seen flying with the vortex as a roof blew off a nearby building and a transformer blew and O’Glee and others ran for cover.

“How intense, y’all! We had to run for our lives. That was crazy!”

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd confirms a tornado is believed to have hit downtown, and that there are reports of damage, including trees in houses. So far, there are no reports of major injuries. 

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