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Standout Student: Alyssa Smith

TEXARKANA, AR - Alyssa Smith is a senior at Arkansas High School with a 4.0 GPA.  While in high school she had a 100 average in geometry and algebra.  Her goal is to major in engineering in college.

"Math has always been my strong point.  It's what I'm good at and it's what I really like doing."

She's in student council, newspaper and art club and enjoys photography.

"I just hope other people feel a sense of peace and joy whenever they see my photos."

Alyssa is on the softball team and play first base.

"I'm a part of almost every single play, so even if the ball isn't hit to me or if it doesn't come anywhere near me... it will most likely come my way at some point."

With graduation quickly approaching she has some advice for freshmen.

"Just don't give up no matter how tired or stressed you may feel.  That those feelings do go away and that no matter how just hopeless you may feel, that if you can just keep going it will turn out in the end."


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