Standout Student: Bryson Thompson


April marks the Month of the Military Child.

Bryson Thompson says, “I think people don’t realize sometimes how much military kids go through.”

Thompson’s parents are both in the Air Force.

“We know that she’s making the Air Force a better place everyday, especially with my dad in the Air Force too.  It’s been super hard, but we get through it.”

Over his lifetime he’s lived in more than six different cities.

 “I get to meet a lot of new people and see stuff I haven’t seen before.”

Bryson was born at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, he’s lived in South Carolina, Arizona and has been in Bossier City for only nine months.

“Great experiences.  I traveled a whole lot. Lots of new countries.  A lot of cities.  A lot of cultures.   

He even lived in England for five years.

“I’ve learned that there are a lot more cultures that I know if I would have stayed maybe stateside. Seeing that I think made me a better person due to me respecting everyone.”

At Haughton Middle School he’s in the speech program and participates with the dance committee  and assists with student council.

“It makes me feel trusted and responsible.  Giving good input.”

He’s looking forward to the school’s Purple Up Day program on April 13th at 1:30pm.  Purple is the color used to represent military children.  That day will be an opportunity to recognize the sacrifices military families make on a daily basis.

“She’s been on many deployments but I know she’s doing great things.”

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