Students learn about Shreveport’s Civil Rights History

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In honor of Black History Month dozens of students toured Shreveport to learn about its rich Civil Rights history

Many students say this tour truly opened their eyes to sacrifices their parents and grandparents made, so they could have a better future.

Dozens of students traveled through the city to learn how the Civil Rights movemnet infolded in their own back yards.

Students visited more than 10 sites including Little Union Baptist Church.”Before this I never really knew Shreveport was a key city in helping African Americans gain rights,” said Booker Fraser, student.

We’ve gone through trials and tribulations to get to where we are today,”Madison’ Paige Abraham, student.

“You have to tell your story to children they can tell it to generations following and also not just for black kids, but the city as whole,”Reverand Asriel McLain, Little Union Baptist Church.

After the tour students watched the documentary Beyond Galilee. The event was hosted by the Red River Parish Chapter of JAck and Jill

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