Summer means mosquito season is back


Today is the official start of summer which also means we’re in the peak of mosquito season.

With it getting hotter outside, the main concern is that mosquitoes breed faster and can spread disease.

Scientists say the climbing temperatures allow disease-spreading mosquitos to thrive.

Caddo Parish’s biggest flying threat is the Asian Tiger mosquito which can breed in tiny amounts of standing water. Once it hits 95-degrees outside they can go from eggs to adults in just five days.

“So we need people to be very vigilant around their house. If you can please get rid of old tires. Anything that holds water this time of year will breed mosquitos. Anything!” said Bryan Glasscock, Caddo Parish mosquito control manager.

Mosquito Control started spraying in March and will continue into the Fall. Crews spray from the Arkansas border down to Red River parish to keep the population in check.

West Nile is most prevalent for Louisiana. 

“Zika, West Nile, encephalitis they are all mosquito-borne viruses and have they varying symptoms but they are all pretty much the same and the only treatment for them is there is no treatment. It’s taking care of the symptoms,” said Dewayne Bricker, physician assistant Health Care Express.

He said Zika is still active in parts of the world so people should check the CDC’s website before traveling and pregnant women shouldn’t travel to those areas.
“The main thing about mosquito season is don’t get bit,” Bricker said.

Mosquitos are out most in the morning and evening. So use EPA approved repellent and wear protective clothing.

You can call the parish to request a spray in your area. They will also go to unoccupied houses that has a pool or body of water.

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