Survivor recalls night that changed her life


“Honestly I’m speechless. It was amazing,” said Donald Whaley, Pleasant Grove High student.

Sarah Panzau-Evans travels across the country, visiting schools, sharing her story. “I fractured every single one of my vertebras in my back. I had completely separated my rib cage from my spinal column. I had a flailed chest, multiple compound fractures in every single one of my ribs. Basically completely crushed. Traumatic left arm amputation. I was completely scalped and de-gloved on this whole left side of my neck and my head.”

15-years-ago after a night of drinking with her friends. Evans got behind the wheels. Shortly after she flipped her car four times and was thrown from her vehicle.

Evans woke up in the hospital three weeks later from a coma.”My first question to my mother was obviously did I injure anybody and she goes no, but what would you have done if you would have found out when you woke up from your coma. The only hand that you had left was handcuffed to your bed rail because when you chose to go out and do that Sarah you could have taken somebody’s life,” said Evans.

Today Evans mission is to show people what can happen when you make poor choices. “If I ever do get into a situation like that. I’m going to attempt to do my best to make the right decision,” said Whaley.

“I would definitely ask a friend if they could give me a ride, someone who’s completely sober.” said Zack Partin, Pleasant Grove High student.

One teacher recalls Evans visiting when she was a freshman. “The fact that she can go up there. Tell that story and it stick with somebody for eight years. Distinctly. I think that’s remarkable.”

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