SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL) – The SWEPCO’s Mudbug Madness Treasure Hunt has come to an end.

The clue that led to the $1000 prize was found late Tuesday night on the corner of Milam and Marshall across from the Caddo Parish Courthouse.

The clue was found behind the parking sign “7528”.

That location is also where the first Mudbug Madness was held.

Below are the clues that have been and were set to be released:

Clue #1

“What everyone seeks will never be found
By trespassing, climbing, or digging holes in the ground.”

Clue #2

“Your treasure resides within reach of the sun,
If you’re searching indoors, the prize won’t be won.”

Clue #3

“In the original city: eight by eight
Somewhere you could rest or meet a date.”

Clue #4

“From the river on foot, your riddler suggests
keep the cat to your north and the dog to your west.”

Clue #5

“Many paths intersect here, in the heart of the city,
Turn the right corner and you’ll be sitting pretty”

Clue #6

“Near where many arrived and many departed,
where the party began and the Madness all started”

Clue #7
“In need of a signal, to light the way to our stash?
Don’t give up, you’re a shoe-in to locate the cash.”

Clue #8

“52 in the middle, 78 on the sides
Don’t turn green with envy if a friend wins the prize”

Clue #9

“If those who’ve elected to search for the cash
have voted, they’ve noted where we’ve hidden our stash”