SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Management at a Shreveport apartment complex where tenants are complaining about unrepaired plumbing and piled-up trash is responding to those complaints, explaining some of the issues are being caused by the tenants themselves.

“We’re tired as residents and tenants,” said one of the tenants of Woodlawn Terrace Apartments, who wanted to remain anonymous. “We’re tired. We still have pipe issues they just recently fixed since the winter storm,” he said.

He said he pays his rent on time every month and doesn’t understand why management allows this to happen.

Property manager Shelly Hunt said part of the reason the property looks devalued is due to the behavior and habits of some of the tenants.

“I pay someone full-time, his job is 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, to do nothing but pick up trash,” Hunt said. “And by 11 o’clock you can’t tell that anything was done.”

Hunt said one of the problems is most of the tenants don’t care enough to keep the property clean and her staff can only do so much.

“A lot of what you’ve seen on the outside of the building that’s from the back, notice it is not in the front. And a lot of times what they do is they pour hot grease or food out of their back doors,” Hunt explained. “A lot of people are home, people aren’t working. People are cooking, I mean enormous amounts of grease, those clog the lines. I don’t care if you live in a $200,000 home or a $500 apartment, and you do that, your sewer is going to back up.”

She said since the pandemic a lot of her tenants have lost their jobs and have fallen behind on rent, putting the property in debt which dosen’t allow her to hire more help.

“What is so sad is that most of these people are on low-income. They can’t just jump up and move to another complex,” the tenant said.

Hunt said they’ve seen more trash than usual since people have started to receive federal and income-tax returns.

“We’ve had so much furniture. The neighborhood dumps furniture off on us. People getting new furniture, the past couple of weeks between income tax returns and stimulus checks, so many people have gotten so much new furniture they don’t worry about hauling off their old furniture,” Hunt said.

Hunt said she’s had to make accommodations in order to pick up the furniture pieces left from tenants. She said in order for things to get better, they must work together for the common goal of the property.

“Let’s work as a team and let’s fix this, you know? You live here, I can’t be the only one to care,” Hunt said.

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