Texarkana Arkansas Police sees a decrease in crime rate


Texarkana Arkansas Police are seeing a significant drop in crime rate. However, the department is concerned this reduction may change.

Statistics show a decrease in overall crime rates by 15-percent. “I think it’s better going down. I really like it to go down instead of up,” said Jermone Cuba, resident of Texarkana, Arkansas.

Police Chief Robert Harrison shares what is contributing to their success.”We’ve really looked at really studying crime analysis and determining where are trouble spots are in the city,” said Harrison.

According to police, most crimes are committed at night because it’s easier to go unseen.”If an individuals about to commit a crime or rob a convenience store and they see a black and white unit approaching they simply wait step back into the shadows.When the police officer passes by then they go on and do what they were going to do,” said Harrison.

To combat this issue more officers are going undercover.”If they see an individual riding a bicycle or in an old vehicle they don’t pay attention to that, so these officers are blending in with the neighborhood and are catching a lot of individuals in the act,” said Harrison.

Chief Harrison says the reduction in crime may change because of a personnel shortage.”We were close to being full staff  in the agency and we’re now down ten. Hopefully if we get most or a lot of those filled. We’ll be able to continue these efforts,” said Harrison.

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