TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – A young boy is expected to fully recover after being attacked by two dogs over the weekend in Texarkana, Texas.

City officials say two pit bulls attacked 12-year-old Zachary Self on Saturday evening at Karrh Park.

Zachary was playing with his friends when the dogs reportedly broke free from their leashes and attacked him. His friends managed to pull him away from the dogs and get help.

“We was playing hide-go-seek tag, and we had seen this black dog, and we normally see it sometimes,” said one of his friends, Dereon Thompson.

The friends say the dogs came from behind some tall grass.

“We were all around there, the dogs was acting friendly, so we walked off, and then they started attacking him, so we started throwing stuff at the dogs,” said another friend, Davante Thompson.

According to Zachary’s dad, the two boys fought off the dogs and grabbed a T-shirt to wrap around Zachary’s neck to prevent further bleeding.

“When I got to him, was about my backyard, and they had, they was walking him, and they had a shirt over his neck, and he was talking calm, he wasn’t panicking or nothing,” said the boy’s father, Gary Self. “It’s amazing how they stayed all calm like they was, and I seen the holes in his neck, so I knew I needed to get him to the hospital.”

Officers were called to Wadley Regional Medical Center after Zachary was taken there in a private vehicle with injuries suffered in the attack.

Zachary was taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock for treatment, but he is now recovering at home.

Because the incident involved dogs, the city’s animal control department is investigating. The dogs were seized with the owner’s consent and placed into quarantine for observation as required by city ordinance.