Texarkana neighbors need help evicting squatters

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Some Texarkana, Arkansas, residents say they need help to evict squatters from their street. 

The neighbors said they’ve reached out to the city and county for help, but the squatters have stayed put. 

“She does not deserve this. None of her neighbors deserve this,” said Andrea Denmon, whose 70-year-old mother has lived on Senator Street for 20 years. 

The neighboring property looks much different from when she moved in. 

“What they’re living in is two termite-ridden garden sheds that have no doors or windows, half the roofs are gone on it,” said Denmon. 

Denmon said she has complained to everyone she can think of. 

“I’ve tried contacting everyone from the city manager to the code enforcement office, which is a beyond complete joke for the city of Texarkana,” said Denmon. 

Cornelius Pickens is a veteran and lives across the street. He owns the property and said he rented to the folks now living there as a site to make motorcycle repairs. He said the buildings were never intended for anyone to live there. They lack utilities and plumbing. 

“They were supposed to be paying rent,” said Pickens. “Right now it’s about $2,840 behind.”

The sheriff’s office posted a notice to vacate in October, but the squatters are still there. 

“The tenant has all the rights and you have no rights,” said Pickens. 

Pickens said because it’s his property, he’s receiving fines for violations he can’t control. 

Meanwhile, Denmon said she worries about her mother’s safety. 

“We’re afraid to be getting the phone call from them saying that somebody’s broken into her house,” said Denmon. “Or, worse yet, she’s been physically hurt or they’ve killed her. Because that’s what we expect to have happen next.”

So far, neither the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department or the city manager have responded to our request for comment..

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