Texas mayor calls President Trump “the devil” in a letter to residents


DOMINO, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – The mayor of an East Texas town wrote a letter to residents calling President Donald Trump a “direct descendant” of the devil, encouraging residents to not re-elect him.

Domino Mayor Al Campbell wrote a letter to residents saying he doesn’t believe the country can absorb another four years of “neglect and abuse” under the Trump administration.

“I don’t think he’s the right leader for our country,” Campbell said.

In the letter, Campbell said the Trump administration has “turned a blind eye and deaf eye to situations concerning minorities.”

“When you look back on the histories of presidents, anytime there was injustice on any group of people anywhere our president would always speak out against it. And a lot of times get the FBI involved in the process. To my knowledge, he’s done none of that. We’ve had people killed on the streets right on camera.”

“The Bible says that the devil is the father of lies,” Campbell continued. “Our president may not be the devil, but he has spawned enough lies to qualify him to be a direct descendant of the aforementioned evil spirit.”

Campbell said he’s an Air Force veteran and stands behind his words.

“Sometimes you just want them to know what you’re thinking. What your opinion is. That’s an opinion piece. That’s all there is to it.”

When asked why the mayor of a small town would speak out on national issues, Campbell said, “When you come to a small community like ours, we vote. We want to make sure when we do vote, we’re informed and our vote counts for improving our country in some small way.”

NBC 6 attempted to speak with some Domino residents regarding the letter, but they declined to be interviewed.

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